Rosalba Bortolotti

Rosalba Bortolotti is an RECE and pedagogical consultant working in early education for over 25 years developing innovative approaches to support Reggio inspired professional learning. She was the founder and owner of Acorn School a Reggio inspired preschool in Ontario. Rosalba is the co-founder of the Acorn Collaborative and is passionate about working with educators and families on engaging and experiencing, how the image of the child impacts our understanding of young children’s learning. She shares her expertise and passion for curriculum development, environmental organization, pedagogical documentation, children’s portfolios and integrated art. Over the years Rosalba has offered many study tours, workshops and conferences throughout the province and internationally. She was a professor in the School of Early Childhood at Seneca College where she taught courses on creative arts, emergent curriculum and philosophy. Rosalba has learned about the Reggio Emilia Approach first hand from her visits to Italy in the early ’90s and continues to revisit the schools in Italy. Rosalba is a member of the York Region Nature Collaborative, the Ontario Reggio Association and NAREA. Rosalba has worked as an educator for over 26 years, working in kindergarten programs, lab schools, and the previous owner of Acorn School for children ages 18 mths to 8 yrs old from 2005-2015 in north Toronto. She also worked as a part-time professor in the school of early childhood education at Seneca College focusing on preschool studies. Rosalba has been an early years consultant and mentor for the past 20 years, continuing to work with educators, students and families. She has also contributed a chapter in Beautiful Stuff from Nature, written by Lella Gandini & Cathy Weisman-Topal. Rosalba graduated from York University, majoring in Early Childhood Education and Psychology in 1994. She has been studying and immersed in the Reggio Emilia philosophy for the past 26 years and continues to be passionate and inspired by the work of the children and educators in Reggio Emilia. Rosalba first visited the schools of Reggio Emilia as a teacher in 1994 and has continued to attend Study Tours to Reggio Emilia, Italy.