Emergent Curriculum Certificate program in Kindergarten and Early Learning Settings

A 6-session certificate program offered in relationship with The Ontario Reggio Association

How do teachers and early childhood educators in full-day kindergarten and early learning settings offer rich, high quality, experiential learning environments that support children’s meaning-making and learning through play, inquiry, and arts-based processes yet also honour curriculum expectations?

We invite kindergarten teachers and early childhood educators to participate in sessions that emphasize learning as an expansion of curiosity, creativity and responsible action – in both children and educators – in an emergent curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. An emergent curriculum is one that is not all planned out beforehand in a linear sequence, but rather planned reciprocally with children as their interests are revealed and connected to rich experiences. Through study of pedagogical documentation, we see that kindergarten curriculum and early learning expectations are embedded within these rich experiences that also sustain children’s expansive meaning making about the world around them. In other words, this approach acknowledges society’s curriculum and expectations but adds the important layer of children’s meaning making.

We believe it is essential to co-construct environments in which children of this age can plan, play, have intentions, try them out, develop curiosity, and expand interests and love of the world. We see these aspects as interwoven in a rich tapestry of daily life lived in school.

The “we” spoken of here is the team of instructional leaders who are available to teach the sessions: all are people who have broad experience teaching in elementary schools and early learning settings and who have studied emergent curriculum in courses at the graduate level with Carol Anne Wien or in other university settings.

A Letter From Carol Anne Wien

For years, I have taught graduate courses in the Faculty of Education at York University on the Reggio Emilia approach and on pedagogical documentation. I watched some grad students grow enchanted with the concepts, values, and dispositions towards others considered in these courses, and saw them taking these ideas into their teaching contexts and creating change in the quality of teaching practice offered to their communities. They were among the innovators and creators who invigorate education. 

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The Six Sessions

Each session consists of 25 hours offered over one term, as 5 classes of 5 hours on Saturdays or other combinations that work for specific boards or contexts. Specific session details, dates and times are listed in the calendar. Sessions can be done in any order, with the proviso that beginners would generally begin with the Introduction. There will be a minimum and maximum number of registrants set for each session. In order for the Emergent Curriculum Certificate program sessions to take place we require a minimum number of registrations. If we do not meet the minimum number we will offer a refund of the registration fees. In the event that the maximum number of registrants is reached for a given session you will be notified and your name placed on a wait list. We will consider offering the sessions in locations where groups are located.

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Session 1

session 1

Introduction to
Curriculum in Kindergarten &
Early Learning Settings

Session 2

session 2

Environments that Support Learning Interactions

Session 3

session 3

Graphic Materials for Multiple Modes of Representation of Learning


Session 4

session 4

Conversations to Generate Children’s Theories and Inquiries 

Session 5

session 5

Pedagogical Documentation as Relationship

Session 6

session 6

Parents and Community in Learning

Session Instructors

Carol Anne Wien

Andrea Bolton

Brenda Jacobs

Ellen Brown

Joanne Marie Babalis

Kerri Embrey

Leslie Siegrist-Hood

Mary Jane Miller

Randa Khattar


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