About The Ontario Reggio Association

The Ontario Reggio Association is the only organization in Ontario that is in dialogue with Reggio Children. We invite everyone to come together to engage in critical reflection on pedagogical documentation and collaborate to create contexts and pedagogy that foreground relationships, where children, educators and families create vibrant democracies by welcoming the expression of diverse views and ideas through “the hundred languages”.



Reggio Emilia Philosophy

Reggio Emilia’s approach to education is based in the municipal system owned and operated by the city of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy since the 1960’s.

What is the Reggio Emilia Philosophy?
Reggio Emilia’s approach to education grew from a grassroots …








We wish to invite you to join a wide-reaching organization in Ontario that brings together those interested in studying and working with the inspiration of the Reggio Emilia approach.

We would love to have you join us and can promise an interesting and creative context for further professional development. Our intention is that the organization provide a forum for all sectors involved with young children, from child care, preschool, public and private schools to postsecondary institutions, from teachers to administrators to legislators and policy makers.

Our sense is that the organization will provide occasions for joining others who wish to continue their exploration and engagement with the Reggio Emilia approach.