About ORA


Our mission is to walk with courageous educators who inhabit a place of hope and optimism, who listen and act with intelligence and compassion, and always in relationship with… We are in dialogue with the educators in Reggio Emilia, and exist to organize opportunities to come together to interrogate our assumptions about children, educators, families, and to recognize and challenge our discourses so we can incline toward the level of joy, creativity, relationship, complexity and engagement that is the “everyday utopia” of Reggio Emilia’s education and cultural project.


We envision a context that is more responsive and responsible, more democratic and emancipatory, where educators are engaged in infinite research into childhood, where children are recognized as active citizens with rights and ideas that should be heard and considered, where relationship is foregrounded, and surprise and wonder are woven through the fabric of our engagement with each other and the world.

Meet Our Board Members

Board members have been nominated and elected, representing a wide cross section of educators, from early childhood to elementary and post-secondary education, and a broad geographic spectrum of Ontario. Board members will serve a 2 – 3 year term.