Michelle Taylor-Leonhardi

Michelle Taylor-Leonhardi is the Coordinator at Oshkiigmong Early Learning Centre.

Aaniin, Boozhoo, Hello!!! My name is Michelle Taylor-Leonhardi. I am a proud mother of three children. I am an Anishinaabekwe from Curve Lake First Nation. I am a Registered Native Early Childhood Educator. One of the first graduations from Binoojiingyag Kinoomaadwin at Cambrian College. Always looking to build relationships and enhance my language skills: to be able to think with and have thought provoking questions for children and educators; to think deeper into the “why’s” “how’s” and the “wows” of childhood and beyond!!! I am currently learning my culture through daily life and listening to stories from my Elders, my Mother and my Children, Kane, Luc and Ewaabjigedkwe (Kenni-Dee). My hope is to become an advocate for children, families, communities and our environment by working alongside educators across Turtle Island. To ignite a new flame and new way of thinking, to help explore where no educator has explored before, to be fearless but afraid at the same time…for what will happen next may surprise them, the children, the families and myself!!! To build relationships with All My Relations. To share my knowledge but also learn from others, together to create the unknown document, to become a child once more and think like one in unfamiliar territory…to live in this world together, side by side…changing the world…one child, one family, one community at a time. Is this the beginning of the story of The Seventh Fire? Are we it? For our children? For our children’s children? HOW EXCITING!!!! Mno-Bmaadziwin (The Good Life) Miigwech