Allison Barrow, Treasurer

Allison Barrow R.ECE, Artist, Entrepreneur

My dedication to early childhood education has been focused on reflections of the Reggio Emilia Approach since 1999. I am honoured to have travelled to Italy to participate in the 2002, 2011, 2015, and the 2018 Canadian delegations to the schools of Reggio Emilia and have sat at the table in meetings with the Reggio educators to explore the ways in which ORA can support our context in Ontario. In 2006, I was on the executive committee to host the 100 Languages of Children Exhibit in the prestigious TD Centre in Toronto and was instrumental in the formation of the Ontario Reggio Association in 2008. My passion for children’s curriculum is contagious to the educators of the Discovery Preschools, and to the child care community; as new changes offer a different pedagogy of educating children. Recently, my love of watercolour painting has opened a new exploration for me, weaving the eye of an impressionist artist into all of my relationships.

In my role as “infinite” treasurer, I bring commitment and a savvy business approach for the long term vision of the organization. Though far from the “A” type personality associated with finance, I blend an interesting combination of creativity and money sense to each meeting (and many bad treasurer jokes). It is my mission to have 1,000 members by the end of the Mosaics of Marks Exhibit.